Here at Ken Horan Motors Ltd, we carry a wide range across all the premium tyre manufacturers.

We also stock a wide range of mid  and economy tyres to suit all lifestyes and budgets.

As your tyres are the only part of your vehicle to have contact with the road it is important to ensure that they are of the desired level of quality.

Amongst our products and services are:

Branded Tyres – Bridgestone, Firestone, Avon, Pirelli.

Budget Tyres – Rotalla, Autogreen, Kaspen, Fullrun.

Tyre Puncture Repairs

Tyre Fittings & Tyre Replacement

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Tyre Health Inspections


Driving with defective tyres is an offence which not only results in a fine of €80 but also 2 penalty points. In addition, worn tyres also greatly reduce your safety on the road and your fuel efficiency.

At Ken Horan Motors Ltd, we recommend regularly checking the quality of your tyres to ensure they are suitable for road use. If you notice any issues don’t hesitate to call us for a closer inpection, we can easily identify any issues and provide an appropriate solution.